The Best Facial Moisturizer – Organic Saffron & Sandal Body Butter

  • Highly nutritious Shea Butter combined with Saffron & Sandal wood and papaya extracts
  • Rich, intense Butter that provides Long Lasting Hydration
  • Improves the look & Feel of the Skin
  • Leaves behind a Warm Blissful Aroma

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The Best Facial Moisturizer – Organic Saffron & Sandal Body Butter

Daily moisturizing and hydrating is essential to keep our skin healthy and young. However, not all the moisturizers will help you in hydrating your skin. Therefore, You may have to cleanse your skin before applying any moisturizer. But Dr. Romia is always there to help you by providing skincare products with multiple benefits. As a result, we provide the Best Facial Moisturizer – Organic Saffron & Sandal Body Butter. It will keep your skin fresh and healthy.


Dr. Romia only prefer organic and purely natural ingredients in manufacturing of skincare products.  Similarly, our best facial moisturizer – Organic Saffron & Sandal Body Butter is also made up of natural ingredients like,

  • Shea Butter which is Sourced from the Ancient African Shea Butter. It is one of the highly nutritious ingredient for women’s skin.
  • We combine this luxury with carefully picked Natural ingredients like Saffron & Sandal wood extracts.
  • Papaya fruits extract  also used to create a rich, intense Butter.
  • Above all, it is organic and natural in nature.


  • Best Facial Moisturizer provides long lasting Hydration.
  • Similarly, it will make your skin smooth, soft and young.
  • In addition, it improves the look and feel of the Skin.
  • Moreover, it also leaves behind a warm blissful Aroma.
  • Most importantly. it is Suitable for all Skin Types.

How To Use

  1. For better results you should cleanse your face first.
  2. For instance, You can use Dr. Romia’s Organic Aloe Vera Deep Cleanser enriched with natural ingredients.
  3. After that, apply moisturizer and absorb it properly.
  4. As a result, Enjoy Smooth, Hydrated, Moisturized and Healthy Skin with our Best Facial Moisturizer.


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