O+3 Serum

  • Whitening SERUM
  • For All Skin Types
  • Double Rich Skin Care Formula
  • The Professional Skin Treatment
  • Contains The Hexapeptide & Pentapeptide
  • Lightening Benefits On The Skin
  • Suitable For Racial Groups Dark Under-Eye Circles
  • Cosmetic Concerns Women And Men Alike
  • Non-Toxic Solution To Skin Discoloration



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O3+ contains the Hexapeptide & pentapeptide, which have proven skin Lightening benefits on the skin from melanin and inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. to be suitable for racial groups Dark under-eye circles. Sunspots. and Other Signs Of Skin discoloration are cosmetic concerns Women and men alike. and they can be challenging ta correct, Some skin lightening products contain ingredients that have been shown to possess making them for topical use. Instead. research Suggests that amino acids and peptides may after a non-toxic solution to skin discoloration to help restore a brighter and more tone.





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