Mandarin Citrus Toner


  • Organic Citrus Toner
  • Removes The Residuals Of Makeup, Cleanser And Heavy Water.
  • Maintains The PH Balance Of Your Skin
  • Helps To Better absorb Moisturizers and Serum
  • Hydrates & Tightens Skin
  • Give A Fresh And Soothing Look
  • Skin Toning During Facial Or For Daily Use
  • uantity: 100ml



520.00 400.00

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First time in Pakistan, an innovative solution for skin Toning during facial or for daily use. we present “MANDARIN CITRUS TONER”. It maintains the PH balance of your skin required to better absorb moisturizers and serum. Removes the residuals of makeup, cleanser and Heavy water. It Hydrates & Tightens Skin and give it a fresh and soothing look.





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