Organic Mandarin Citrus Toner 3 Packs

Rs.1,600.00 Rs.1,800.00

Organic Mandarin Citrus Toner 3 Packs 


- 3 Packs of Organic Mandarin Citrus Toner

Suitable For All Skin Types!

  • An innovative Solution For Open pores – Mandarin Citrus Toner only by Dr. Romia.
  • This is also best for skin Toning during facial.
  • Moreover, it maintains the pH balance of your skin required to better absorb moisturizers and serum.
  • Toner for open pores also removes the residuals of makeup, cleanser and Heavy water.
  • In addition, it Hydrates and Tightens your Skin.
  • Give it a fresh and soothing look.
  • Above all, you can also use this in your daily routine.


  • After your facial, apply toner treatment for open pores onto your face.
  • Gently dab it on your face so it can absorb in the skin properly.
  • After that, apply moisturizer. For instance, you can use our Moisturizer – Pentagonal Cream
  • As a result, minimize pores and enjoy healthy skin.

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