Retinol Night Repairing Serum - 2 Pack

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Retinol Night Repairing Serum- 2 PACK


- 2 Packs of Retinol Night Repairing Serum

Suitable For All Skin Types!

  • Dr. Romia's Retinol with Squalene, Peptide, complex & Aloe Vera is the best solution - a high strength, zero to low irritation serum that's been proven to soften fine lines.
  • Improve pigmentation problems, Improve blemishes & revitalizes skin, causing it to look fresher & more youthful.
  • Retinol Night Repairing serum can not only achieve better anti-aging results than traditional retinol but do so without irritation commonly associated with it, including redness & flaking.


  • In the evening, apply 3-4 drops onto clean, dry skin.
  • Start with one to two nights a week & add a night each week. Building up to as often as your skin can tolerate.
  • Follow with the moisturizer as needed. Be sure to use sunscreen daily
    Note: Avoid using other AHA products on the same night as Retinol Night Repairing Serum.

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