Skin Polish Bundle

Rs.2,848.00 Rs.3,350.00


- Skin Polish Set
- Aloe Vera Cleanser
- Turmeric & Moringa Scrub
- Mandarin Citrus Toner
- Foundation Primer

Suitable For All Skin Types!

  • Gives Whitening Effect.
  • Brightens skin.
  • Deeply Cleanse Pores.
  • Provide Moisture.
  • Maintain pH of Skin.
  • Reduce signs of pre-mature aging.
  • Provides flawless makeup look by minimizing pores


-Step 01: First Cleanse your face properly for 4-5 minutes with any cleanser to remove dirt impurities.
-Step 02:  Just add 2 part of Developer and 1 parts of Blonder powder (2:1).
- Mix it well and make a thick creamy paste.
- Similarly apply a thick layer.
- Now wash away skin polish after 15 minutes
-Step 03: Do Scrubbing with Turmeric Scrub for 5 minutes.
-Step 04: Use 2-3 pump of Toner & massage to absorb. 

Now your skin is ready to apply Foundation Primer for flawless Makeup Look 💄

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