Best Treatment For Acne & Exfoliation – Organic Black Seed & Neem Scrub

Rs.480.00 Rs.600.00
  • Very Fine Quality Scrubbing granules.
  • Exfoliating With Natural Softness
  • Black Seed has Anti-Inflammatory Effects
  • For Both Greasy and Dry Skin.
  • Neem Helps To Remove Oil, Dirt & Dead Cells, also reduce Acne.


Organic Black Seed & Neem Scrub – Best Treatment For Acne & Exfoliation

Exfoliation is very important for your skin health. It is beneficial for all skin types. Now, if you are wondering that what is meant by exfoliation? So, it is basically the removal of dead skin cells. But if you are not exfoliating your skin, it will clogged your pores. As a result, you have to face acne and pimple problems. That is why it is recommended to exfoliate your skin twice a week. Usually, facial scrubs are used for exfoliation purposes. Therefore, Dr. Romia manufactures Organic Black Seed & Neem Scrub – Best Treatment For Acne and Exfoliating your skin. This is very effective in keeping your skin healthy.


You will find many skincare products for exfoliation and reducing acne, but they may consists harmful chemicals which may damage your skin in long run. In order to take care of our customers skin health, Dr. Romia only uses organic & natural ingredients in their skin care products. Similarly, our Organic Black Seed and Neem Scrub – Best Treatment For Acne and Exfoliation is also enriched with natural ingredients such as,


  • It exfoliates your skin with natural softness.
  • Give your skin a rejuvenating facial with this black seed oil & neem scrub.
  • Regular use of this scrub reduces the melanin & lightens the tone of your skin. Moreover, It also improves the glow, texture, and elasticity of your skin.
  • This best treatment for acne & exfoliation have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of Black seed oil. Most importantly this scrub works well for both greasy and dry skin.
  • In addition, Neem helps to remove oil, dirt & dead cells, also to reduce Acne, without stripping the skin and its natural moisture.
  • Due to its number of benefits, it is one of the best product for acne treatment and exfoliation.

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