Cream For Skin Whitening – Oxygenizer

Rs.950.00 Rs.1,500.00
  • Whitening Night Cream
  • Effective For Dark Spots
  • Dryness
  • Especially For Asian Skin
  • Removes Dullness And Moisturizes
  • Reduces Skin Discoloration
  • Quantity: 30gm


Cream For Skin Whitening – Oxygenizer

Get your beauty back and wake up as a fresh, younger and fair looking person with oxygenizer Skin Whitening Cream. For dark pigmentation, dryness, double skin tone and dark spots. Skin Whitening Night Cream is specially formulated for Asian skin to reduce melanin and dark spots. It is an expressway to achieve targeted fairness & Even skin tone without damaging the skin.

Is Skin whitening or Skin Lightening possible, SAFELY?

Fair or white skin is a misunderstand idea of beauty like your skin tone does not determine your beauty. However, spots, pigmentation, discoloration, age spots, and other skin issues can make your skin appear dull, dry, and dark. Skin whitening creams can work on these issues and make your skin healthy and glowing.

Skin whitening creams, also known as skin lightening cream and skin bleaching, refers to the practice of using chemical substances in an attempt to lighten the skin, for fair skin or provide an even skin color by reducing the melanin concentration in the skin. Several chemicals have been shown to be effective in skin whitening creams, while some have proven to be toxic or have questionable safety profiles.

In a number of African countries, between 25 and 80% of women regularly use skin whitening creams. In Asia, this number is around 40%. Over half of skin care products are sold in India to lighten the skin.

Use of Skin Whitening Creams

Areas of increased pigmentation such as moles are pigmented to match the surrounding skin. Effective agents in skin whitening creams for specific areas include corticosteroids, tretinoin, and hydroquinone. These agents however are not allowed in cosmetics in Europe due to concerns of side effects.

Many skin whitening creams contain a form of toxic mercury as the active ingredient.  Their use however may harm a person’s health and are illegal in many countries.

Hydroquinone is a commonly used agent in skin whitening creams, but the European Union banned it from cosmetics in 2000. It works by decreasing melanin production.

Tretinoin, also known as all-trans retinoic acid, and used to whiten specific areas. It is used in combination with steroids and hydroquinone but under supervision of a Dermatologist.

Kojic acid has been found to be an effective lightener in some studies, and is also allowed to be used in cosmetics.

Glutathione is the most common agent taken by mouth in an attempt to whiten the skin. It is also used as a cream. It is an antioxidant normally made by the body.

So, the main purpose of all these agents skin whitening cream is to reduce the melanin production and gives you fair complexion.

Side effects

Skin whitening creams have commonly contained following chemicals such as mercury, hydroquinone, and corticosteroids. Because these compounds can induce both superficial and internal side effects, they are illegal to use and market in multiple nations.

Prolonged usage of mercury-based skin whitening creams can ultimately discolor the skin, as mercury will accumulate within the dermis. Mercury toxicity can cause acute symptoms such as pneumonitis and gastric irritation.

Other studies have explored the impact of hydroquinone present in skin whitening creams exposure on health. Hydroquinone rapidly absorbs into the body via dermal contact so, it’s long-term usage has been found to cause nephrotoxicity and benzene-induced leukemia in the bone marrow.

Additionally, corticosteroids have become some of the most commonly incorporated agent in skin whitening creams. Long-term usage over large areas of skin may promote percutaneous absorption, which can produce complications such as skin atrophy and fragility, glaucoma, cataracts, edemas, osteoporosis, menstrual irregularities, and growth suppression.

Chemically lightened & whitened skin is also more highly susceptible to sun damage and dermal infection. So, it’s Long-term users of skin whitening creams can easily develop fungal infections and viral warts. Pregnant users may also experience health complications for both them and their children.

But “Oxygenizer ; Skin whitening cream or whitening Night Cream” by Dr.Romia Cosmeceuticals is free from Mercury, steroids and harmful ingredients. It contains most of the natural ingredients which gradually changes the tone of your skin without hurting it.


Our Skin whitening cream “Oxygenizer” is consists of following ingredients such as, L-Glutathione, Sodium Ascorbyl phosphate, Alpha Arbutin, Emblica Extract and proprietary Blend of Dr.Romia.

Mechanism of action

Skin whitening agents in Oxygenizer”; Skin Whitening Cream” by Dr.Romia , helps in reducing the presence of melanin pigment in the skin.


“Oxygenizer” Skin Whitening Cream in addition to skin lightening also reduces Melasma, Dark spots and pigmentation.

  • Night cream lightens skin tone without any side effect.
  • Whitening cream is non-sticky, non-greasy and cosmetically acceptable cream absorbs completely.
  • Skin whitening cream is water based cream and suitable for all skin types.
  • Lightening & Whitening cream gives visible results within two weeks.

How to Use

1-Cleanse the skin thoroughly with a cleanser or face wash. You can use Dr. Romia’s Organic Aloe Vera Cleanser, best for cleansing your skin.

2-Apply oxygenizer – skin whitening cream in night for at least 8 hours apart. Just apply a thin layer (equivalent to a pea size) on the skin. Massage gently to absorb the cream completely.

3-Get fair skin within short period of time!

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