Extra Whitening Facial Kit with Skin Polish

Rs.3,550.00 Rs.5,000.00
  • Free From Bleach & Harmful Chemicals
  • Suitable For Students, Travelers and for Beginners
  • Facial At Home With Our Best Facial Kit in Pakistan
  • Consists of all 6 Organic Products From Our Facial Range


  • Our Extra-Whitening Facial Kit is free from Bleach and any harmful chemicals..
  • This best facial kit is for those, who want to try the quality of our organic products and for those who want to try facial at home with low spending.
  • Our Facial Kit is consists of five jars, skin polish set and one bottle of toner.

Dr. Romia’s Extra Whitening Facial Kit Method

Our Facial Kit contains following products,

  • Aloe-Vera Best Facial Cleanser
  • Skin Polish
  • Turmeric & Moringa Scrub
  • Avocado Massage Cream
  • 7 Berries Best Facial Mask
  • Mandarin Citrus Best Facial toner
  • Pentagonal 5 Action Radiant Cream. Above all, this Best Facial Kit in Pakistan is purely organic in nature.

Step-01 Cleaning/Washing Before Facial

Before using our best facial kit in Pakistan, you should properly wash your face, apply a small coin-sized amount of Dr. Romia’s 24K Gold Whitening Face Wash/Anti Acne Face Wash onto your face evenly. After that, massage it in circular motion for about 90 seconds. Now, use warm water to wash your face, making sure to wash away all the traces of Face Wash.

Step-02 Best Facial Cleansing

Apply Dr. Romia’s Aloe Vera Deep Cleansing Cream to your face from our Best Facial Kit in Pakistan using a circular motion. Meanwhile, make sure you cover all areas – forehead, nose, chin, cheeks and neck. Than massage your face for about 10-15 minutes. Use water to refresh the foaming. Rinse thoroughly the cleanser with water.


Step-03 Skin Polish (5 in 1)

The next in Extra-whitening facial method is to apply Skin Polish. Only two things required to make skin polish. No needs to add anything else like moisturizer, soothing lotion, Aloe Vera etc. Dr. Romia’s skin polish has all the essentials required for amazing results. Just add 2 part of Developer and 1 parts of Blonder powder (2:1). Mix it well and make a thick creamy paste. Similarly apply a thick layer. Now wash away skin polish after 15 minutes.

Step-04 Scrubbing

Similarly apply a coin-sized amount of Dr. Romia’s Scrub of our Best Facial Kit into palm of your hand and apply on the wet face. After that, gently the scrub into your skin in circular motion for 5 minutes.  Use water to remove all the scrub.

Step-05 Best Facial Massage Cream

Take small coin-sized portion of Dr. Romia’s Avocado Rich Massage Cream from Best facial kit into your palms and then add a few drops of water to it. Rub the mixture gently. Meanwhile, apply it all over your face. and neck in stroking movements. Now go for a face and neck massage for 5-8 minutes in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. Then remove the cream with wet sponge or towel.

Step-06 Facial Mask

Apply Dr. Romia’s Face Mask from our Best facial set in Pakistan evenly to your face. Now, relax and wait for 20 minutes. After that, proper waiting time, use warm water and washcloth to gently remove the mask.

Step-07 Toning

Pour a small amount quantity of Dr. Romia’s Mandarin Citrus Toner small bottle from our best facial kit in Pakistan on a cotton pad or to your palms. After that, apply it to your moist face. Leave it for 1 minute, and then give a light massage to absorb completely.

Step-08 Moisturizing

This is the last step from our Best Facial Kit in Pakistan. So, the best way to apply Dr. Romia’s Pentagonal 5-Action Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizing cream is to your damp skin immediately after the use of toner. Subsequently, massage to absorb it completely.

In short, Get non-greasy glowing skin with our Best Facial Kit in Pakistan. Moreover, make your skin ready for primer/makeup/foundation.

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