For Natural Lofty Eye Lashes & Voluminous Eye brows – Lashloft

Rs.600.00 Rs.1,000.00
  • Intensive Regeneration Cream
  • Visible Result in 2-3 weeks
  • Suitable for all Skin Types
  • Quantity: 25gm Appox

For Eyelashes Growth & Voluminous Eyebrows – Lashloft

Long, Lofty Eyelashes and Voluminous Eyebrows have impressive ability to transform our overall face look. Our Eyebrows and Eyelashes frames our face. However, they not only exist for our face beauty but also serve as eye’s first line of defense. For instance, most of the people use Fake Eyelashes to look attractive. But Be Careful using cosmetics to enhance your eyebrows and eyelashes. They might cause hair loss problem or damage your eye health. Therefore, you should avoid using artificial ways to enhance your eye beauty. If you are tired of using fake eyelashes, Don’t worry! Dr. Romia provides solution to your problems. As a result, we introduce our Best Eyecare Cream For Eyelashes Growth & Voluminous Eyebrows – Lashloft Intensive Regeneration Cream.


  • Now you can Grow Long and Thick Eye Lashes naturally at home with our Best Cream For Eyelashes Growth.
  • In addition, it will also give you Voluminous Eye brows.
  • In just 2-3 weeks with the daily use of “Lashloft” intensive regeneration cream.
  • Most importantly, Suitable for all skin types.

How To Apply?

  1. Apply small amount of cream at night on the roots of Eye lashes and onto Eye Brows.
  2. After that, Massage very gently to absorb the cream.
  3. As a result, get long thick eyelashes and eyebrows.

Importance of Long Eyelashes & Voluminous Eyebrows

  • Good eyebrows create definition and symmetry without applying any makeup.
  • In other words, Brows that are carefully shaped will make lift your face and largen your eyes. So, find a perfect brow styles for your face.
  •  Long Eyelashes  brighten and widen your eyes.
  • Moreover, they are essential for protecting your eyes for stopping dirt, dust and other irritants to entering in our eyes.
  • In addition, thick eyelashes and eyebrows will make you look beautiful, attractive and young.
  • Most importantly, You don’t have to apply fake eyelashes to enhance beauty of your eyes.
  • Above all, You can be naturally beautiful with our Best Cream For Eyelashes and Eyebrows Growth.

In short, if you want Long Eyelashes and Thick Eyebrows. Start using our Lashloft  – Intensive Regeneration Cream. Buy Now!

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