skin polish

Rs.700.00 Rs.900.00


Dr. Romia’s Skin polish contains two products,

  • Developer
  • Blondor Powder
  • 5 in 1 skin polish.
  • First ever Skin polish in Pakistan with zero itching or irritation.
  • Instead gives cooling effect.
  • It gives whitening, shining, brightening effect. In addition it makes your skin moisturized and hydrated.
  • No need to add any other ingredients or product like Aloe Vera, Soothing lotion, whitening capsules, Moisturizer etc. It has the entire properties o above mentioned products.
  • Suitable for all skin types even people with sensitive skin can also use this skin polish.
  • No redness, rashes or any other side-effect.


Only two things required to make skin polish. No needs to add anything else like moisturizer, soothing lotion, Aloe Vera etc. Dr. Romia’s skin polish has all the essentials required for amazing results.

  • First Cleanse your face properly for 4-5 minutes with any cleanser or face wash to remove dirt impurities.
  • Just add 2 part of Developer and 1 parts of Blonder powder (2:1).
  • Mix it well and make a thick creamy paste.
  • Similarly apply a thick layer.
  • Now wash away skin polish after 15 minutes
  • Apply moisturizer.

In short, Get glowing skin with our Best Skin Polish in Pakistan.

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